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About Us

What is North Point Resources?

North Point Resources was originally born out of the need to serve the attendees of North Point Community Church with quality Christian resources to help them pursue a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Over time, individuals and churches outside of our local area began asking for these same resources and more, so we developed the ability to serve them as well. Our mission has evolved over time to meet these needs. Today, our aim is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by resourcing individuals and leaders with helpful, appealing, and relevant content. We do this by making our resources easily accessible to everyone, equipping churches, and influencing leaders all around the world.


A Different Kind of Ministry

All administrative and operational costs are met through the sale of products and donations given specifically to North Point Resources. In this regard, we are unique. NPR is self-funded. In other words, we use the funds from our sales to continue to export these resources and, hopefully, equip and encourage people all over the world.


Take Advantage of Our Free Resources

We have several free resources designed specifically for ministry leaders, as well as ministry model products to help equip and encourage other churches. Check out a complete list of free resources below. All of these are funded through donations. If you would like to support these efforts, please click here. -Your Move with Andy Stanley – You're just one click away from all the teaching content of pastor and communicator Andy Stanley. From this site you can view streaming video content, subscribe to the Your Move with Andy Stanley podcast and newsletter, and access our TV and radio listings.
-Your Move with Andy Stanley Podcast – In these weekly, 30-minute messages from Andy, you will discover how to make better decisions, live with fewer regrets, and move one step closer in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
-Weekly Podcast – By subscribing to this free podcast, you will receive the Sunday message as heard at North Point Community Church each week.
-Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcast – By subscribing to this free podcast, you will receive leadership messages by Andy Stanley designed to help leaders go further, faster. -Online Messages – The North Point website stores the last six months of Sunday messages in both audio and video formats.
-Inside North Point – A look inside North Point Ministries. This site contains videos, documents, leadership ideas, and more from the staff. This resource is ideal for church leaders.
-YouTube Channel – Watch clips of Andy’s messages.
-Emails – Subscribe to our email list to receive articles by Andy, news and alerts on our products, and special discount offers.
-North Point Online – Watch a live stream of NPCC’s Sunday service. For current broadcast times, visit

If you would like to learn more about North Point Ministries, please visit the NPM site.