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North Point InsideOut: LIVE Part 1 Music CD

North Point InsideOut: LIVE Part 1 Music CD


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  • North Point InsideOut: Nothing Ordinary Part 1 Live Music CD North Point InsideOut: Nothing Ordinary Part 1 Live Music CD

North Point InsideOut: LIVE Part 1 Music CD

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Quick Overview

The latest CD release from North Point Music and North Point InsideOut features five powerful LIVE worship songs, including a LIVE version of the signature single "Death Was Arrested."

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North Point Music and North Point InsideOut present part 1 of the live songs recorded at Gwinnett Infinite Arena.

The North Point InsideOut band features Seth Condrey, Brett Stanfill, Chris Cauley, Emily Hearn, Brandon Coker, Heath Balltzglier, Matt Adkins, and Jared Hamilton.

Track List:

  1. We Are Royals (Feat. Chris Cauley & Joseph Sojourner) LIVE
  2. Holy (Feat. Seth Condrey) LIVE
  3. I Fall (Feat. Seth Condrey) LIVE
  4. Sons and Daughters (Feat. Emily Harrison) LIVE
  5. Death Was Arrested (Feat. Seth Condrey) LIVE

/ / / L Y R I C S

1. We Are Royals

Words and Music by Heath Balltzglier, Seth Condrey, Matt Hammitt and Seth Mosley

From urban streets to open plains/We are under one name/No one is lost or goes unseen/We’re all loved by our King/This is nothing ordinary/There is power in the name we carry/Every nation every tongue/Welcome to the kingdom//All the rich/All the poor/All the people/All Yours/We are daughters/We are sons/More than mortals/We are royals/We are Yours//Hearts unbound, running free/Different stories, one dream/We don’t wonder where we belong/We’ve found our home/In the Father’s love// It don’t matter, don’t matter where we come from/Everyone is welcome in Your kingdom/It don’t matter if we’re broke or we’re broken/In Your love we have found our freedom

Rap lyrics for We Are Royals
Got this lil light of mine
I’m about to let it shine
Hold up wait Let it shine
I’m about to let it shine

Bad & Boogie - never thought that he would choose me
Never thought that he would use me now we live everyday like its a movie
Lights, Camera, Action, Go
Oh wait they didn’t know
Nothing Ordinary
bout the ordinary people chose
I don’t have time for the game now hit play and Ill say what I know
We get away for a day and come back to place that in the end that He told us to go
Plus I make good with the lowest of low - tell em we royal and worthy of mo’
We can do all that He called us to do if we truly believe that he called us to sow
Hold up the phone
Used to be ratchet did nothin accident now I tell people the reason I tackle the
Difficult topic of Living immaculate isn’t for me but for giving it back to the...

2. Holy

Words and Music by Seth Condrey, Kyle Lee, Heath Balltzglier and Phillip LaRue

The earth could not contain its joy/So mountains were born, mountains were born/The sea could not contain its praise/The mighty waves roared, the mighty waves roared//All of creation/Is singing the same song/One hallelujah/To You and You alone//Holy, holy/To the one who scattered the stars/Holy, holy/To the one who holds every heart/All of our praise, all for Your name/With creation we sing along/Holy, holy//My heart cannot contain Your love/So I will rejoice, I will rejoice/A melody is rising up/Great are You Lord, Great are You Lord//Praise Him from whom all blessings flow/Praise Him all creatures here below/Praise Him He reigns forevermore/Holy, holy

3. I Fall

Words and Music by Seth Condrey, Heath Balltzglier and Mitchell McGhee

Something's broken, I need Your help/I can't fix this on my own/My heart is prone to wander for /You call me back to Your arms//And I fall at Your feet again/Here's my heart again/Lord I am Yours/And I run with my chains undone/All because of love that You have shown/When I hear mercy calling/It's at Your feet I'm falling/Jesus I surrender all //Your kindness leads me to the light /No fear, no shame, I can't hide/’Cause You bore the nails/You wore the scars/Now I am safe in Your arms//Oh to Jesus I surrender/Humbly at Your feet I bow/These earthly pleasures all forsaken/Here's my life/I lay it down

4. Sons and Daughters

Words and Music by Brett Stanfill

Before He spoke creation/The God of Heaven knew our names/Formed in His reflection/We are His glory on display//And His heart is good/He is always kind/With a cross He proved/He is on our side//We are the sons, we are the daughters of God/No matter where we go we're close to the Father's heart/And though we stumble, He will not let us fall/We are the Lord's and He will never forsake His own/We are the sons, we are the daughters of God//His love he lavished on us/And called us children of the King/And in His loving kindness/He chose the lowly and the weak//When the lies speak louder than the truth/Remind me that I belong to You/When I can't see past the dark of night/Remind me You're always by my side

5. Death Was Arrested

Words and Music by Brandon Coker, Paul Taylor Smith, Adam Kersh, and Heath Balltzglier

Alone in my sorrow and dead in my sin/Lost without hope with no place to begin/Your love made a way to let mercy come in/When death was arrested and my life began//Ash was redeemed only beauty remains /My orphan heart was given a name/My mourning grew quiet my feet rose to dance/When death was arrested and my life began//Oh Your grace so free/Washes over me /You have made me new/Now life begins with You/It's your endless love/Pouring down on us/You have made us new/Now life begins with You//Released from my chains I'm a prisoner no more/My shame was a ransom He faithfully bore/He cancelled my debt and He called me His friend/When death was arrested and my life began//Our Savior displayed on a criminal's cross/Darkness rejoiced as though Heaven had lost/But then Jesus arose with our freedom in hand/That's when death was arrested and my life began//Oh we're free free/Forever we're free/Come join the song/Of all the redeemed/Yes we're free free/Forever amen/When death was arrested and my life began

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