Ideas For Developing Your Team

Posted on February 23 2020

Good leaders know that teams don't just grow without intentional efforts. Here are a few of the ways we at North Point Resources ensure that our team is healthy and productive.

Understand how your wiring affects the team.

How we use it: Everyone on our team knows their dominant temperament. We have worked to understand not only the strengths, weaknesses, and "words" for our temparement but for the other temperaments that we work with. Knowing our co-workers temparaments and the words we can use to build them up is a game changer. This has been a launching pad to healthy interactions and ultimately a high-functioning, highly productive team.

Create systems to get feedback from your team.

Teams need effective systems that allow team members to give feedback that can help both the team and the leader to grow. Here are two tools we use to do this:

How we use it: The Engagement Survey is designed to be a one-on-one discussion between a manager and their direct reports. This is an annual discussion that allows team members the opportunity to provide valuable feedback that the manager can use to improve the health of the team and grow as a leader.

How we use it: At the beginning of every year, managers conduct annual reviews with each of their direct reports. This review allows employees to evaluate their contributions to the team in the previous year as well as have ownership in their priorities and goals for the coming year.

Show appreciation to your team.

Unexpressed gratitude is ingratitude. Team members need to know they are valued by their leader. Here are 10 easy ways you can show appreciation to your team.

  1. Personal delivery of something they love
  2. Public recognition
  3. Impromptu treats
  4. Social gathering at your house (e.g., game night)
  5. Written words of affirmation
  6. Favorite things (gather a list of their favorite things and bring one of them in)
  7. Acknowledge anniversaries (work and personal) in a meaningful way
  8. Staff Shout Outs (create an opportunity for peers to praise peers)
  9. Show & Tell (allow time for staff to share their accomplishments)
  10. T.V. Time (e.g., turn on a TV to the Olympics, Championship, Holiday Movies)

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  • John Doe: May 21, 2020

    I love this stuff. Great Job NPR! David is awesome and so is Haley.

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