Trust vs. Suspicion

Trust vs. Suspicion

Posted on January 15 2018

Staff Development Essentials Issue 01

The one behavior that could transform your team (and your family). Gather your team for this talk.

The principle in this message from Andy is so foundational to our staff culture, it had to be the first piece of content our team shared with yours. We think the local church should be the very best place on earth to work. It should be the most integrity-filled, grace-filled, purpose-filled work environment out there. There is one behavior that will set the stage for that to be the case in your ministry. (Oh, and it just may transform your relationships at home too…)
We’re passing along two short (12–13 minute) video sessions and a handout with fill-in-the-blank notes + discussion questions. Gather your team and enjoy!




  • Edd Beavers: September 27, 2021

    This was an extremely enlightening session and will be very helpful as we build a new group.

  • Tabitha Gopaul: March 15, 2021

    This is such an amazing breakdown and explanation, and so very true of human behavior. This is going to help me a lot, to be a better leader and to really develop that value of ‘trust’ in the business organization I help lead. This was for my personal application. I need to grow in this regard. Thank you Andy!

  • Alex: June 08, 2020

    This was so helpful to me, especially as someone who is NOT a senior leader. The story about getting ahead of the issue was particularly helpful! Thanks Northpoint!

  • Neil Thomas: May 21, 2020

    Wow! you hit it on the head Andy. I think the core reason we don’t trust others because we don;t fully trust ourselves. Without knowing it, a thief won’t trust others with their belongings as they can’t be trusted around others things, and will project their own inability to trust themselves onto others. If i gossip then when people are laughing around me I will lean towards believing they are talking about me.

  • Bruce Snyder: April 06, 2020

    This is so good. Totally agree about trust and your dislike for surprises.
    I appreciate this message and you.
    Thank you

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