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Transitions Cause Us to Rely on God

by Andy Stanley

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      Part 1 (Andy Stanley)

      We all want to grow, and everything that grows, changes. Change brings about transitions which can cause stress, pain, and are usually forced upon us. Transitions cause us to rely on God. He can do some of His most significant work in our lives during these times. Luke 2:1-20

      Part 2 (Andy Stanley)

      God does work in our lives during difficult transition times. In fact, He walks through them with us. He wants our response to be that we know and understand that He is with us, and belief that it is from His hand as a loving and sovereign Heavenly Father. Genesis 39

      Part 3 (Andy Stanley)

      Transitions bring about change in our lives. Sometimes this life change is almost more than we can bear. Norma Johnson tells her story about the transitions she has experienced through tremendous family and physical trials, and how she came to accept them as from God and experienced Him walking through it all with her. 1 Thessalonians 5:18