A Grown-Up's Guide To Kids' Wiring

by Kathleen Edelman

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      We've all said things like, "He has to calm down." "She has to speak up!" "Why won’t they just do what I tell them to do?" No matter the age or stage, kids are . . . hard. But understanding their wiring might change the way you look at (and speak to) every child that crosses your path from this day forward.

      Communication expert Kathleen Edelman has spent three decades helping grown-ups make sense of the kids around them. The result? Better behavior, better relationships. In this book and the six videos that go along with it (free on YouTube), she’ll do the same thing for you and the kids in your family, in your classroom, or on your team.

      Kathleen Edelman has one goal in life: to help people learn to speak kindly to one another. She is certified in Biblical Studies and has a master’s in Christian Counseling Psychology. Kathleen has spent more than 25 years coaching clients in the art of communication. She is married with two grown children and has a surprising passion for martial arts and pickup trucks.


Do you ever wish kids came with owner’s manuals? Why won’t she get moving? Why won’t he quiet down? Why does one obey while the other ignores? Temperament expert Kathleen Edelman knows the answers.

Some students are inherently shy while others often have (too) much to say. How do you adjust your approach in the classroom to fit each students’ individual needs? This book will show you how.

Some kids are motivated by competition, others just want to have fun with friends. What makes the difference? Learn how to develop and motivate your players to be all they can be and be confident in who they are.

Why do some children openly share what’s going on in their life, while others clam up and refuse to speak? Understanding a child’s temperament will help you make sense of the kids who come to you for help.


Are your children living up to your expectations? Are they behaving the way you want? The journey to better behavior, effective parenting, calmer classrooms, and healthier teams starts here.

Miscommunication is almost always unintentional. Each temperament needs to hear certain words. Building these into your vocabulary will ensure you say all the right things and avoid all the wrong ones.

What do moody, bossy, lazy, and obnoxious kids all have in common? They all need something they aren’t getting. Learn how to read the signals and what you can do about it.

Why are some kids easy and some kids are just plain hard? Every tension you feel with a child is the combination of your temperament and theirs. Here are some do’s and don’ts for every color combination.