How to Lead in a World of Distraction Video Study

Maximizing Your Influence by Turning Down the Noise

by Clay Scroggins

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      In this six-session video study (Study Guide sold separately), pastor Clay Scroggins builds on the principles he established in his bestselling How to Lead When You're Not in Charge and shows participants how to take the next step in their leadership growth by developing emotional awareness. As Clay notes, we are all surrounded by "white noise"—a soul-masking tool that keeps us from hearing the voices in our lives that we really need to hear. Our busy lives, the numbing nature of entertainment, and the urgency of ministry all work together to create a toxic cocktail of emotional distraction. And while many leaders have learned to tune out this "white noise," in the process they have become "deaf" to the inner issues to which they need to attend.

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Emotional healing begins with emotional awareness—our ability to identify and understand our feelings. Developing such emotional awareness comes from engaging in spiritual practices such as fasting, meditation, Sabbath keeping, prayer, and hospitality. As Clay states, such practices today are often viewed as "countercultural," but they are solidly biblical and instrumental for helping us identify our emotions.

Through the practices described in this guide, leaders will unmask unpleasant emotions—robbing them of their stronghold—and learn how to pay close attention to the desires within. The result is that business, church, and ministry leaders will be empowered to replace the chaos in their increasingly busy lives with an emotional competence that leads to a calmer, less stressed, and more fulfilling life than ever before.

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