On Your Mark DVD

Creating a Legacy That Lasts

by Andy Stanley

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      As leaders, we want to leave our marks on the world — to leave a mark on our families, our churches, our communities, and ultimately, to make the world a better place. Every leader will leave a mark. The ultimate question is, what kind of mark will you leave and how will you know the nature of your legacy?
      In this DVD, Andy Stanley shares a 30-minute message on what has to happen in the heart of every leader who wants to not just leave a mark, but the mark God has specifically designed and gifted him or her to leave.
      Drawing from the life of Joshua, Andy explains:
      • The decision we must make in order to create a lasting legacy
      • That making our mark is too small a vision to live for
      • The significance of being a leader under authority
      • How we can be perfectly positioned for God to make HIS mark through us

      Also included is an in-depth 8-minute interview with Andy providing further context on why this lesson is vital in the life of a leader.