Why Worry Audio Download

Exploring What Jesus Had to Say About Worry

by Andy Stanley

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      Worry—it's universal. It's as much a part of life as breathing. Yet Jesus said, Don't. Don't worry! Easier said than done. . .

      In this 3-part series, Andy explores all that Jesus had to say about worry. You'll discover where worry comes from, why it's so difficult to overcome, and what you can do to conquer it. Andy guides us through an Old Testament story about a man who was challenged with a single question—a question that brought a new perspective to his worries. That question may be the key to overcoming worry in your life as well. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - Devotion Emotion (Andy Stanley)

      Can God be trusted with your finances, your health, and your relationships? If so, then why do you worry? In Part 1 of Why Worry, Andy asks some penetrating questions that reveal why we worry. Matthew 6:25-34

      Part 2 - Switching Sides (Andy Stanley)

      Where does worry come from? Is worrying synonymous with caring? In Part 2 of Why Worry, youll be challenged to consider the relationship between your faith and your worry. Matthew 6: 28-34

      Part 3 - Now and Then (Andy Stanley)

      In the final message of Why Worry, Andy introduces us to an Old Testament character who is asked a question that alters his perspective on his worries. This question may be central to overcoming worry in your life today as well. 1 KIngs 19:1-19