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Guardrails DVD

Guardrails DVD

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Guardrails DVD

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Quick Overview

In this 6-part series, Andy Stanley challenges us to stop flirting with disaster and establish some personal guardrails.

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Regular Price: $25.00

Special Price $15.00


[Guardrails: a system designed to keep vehicles from straying into dangerous or off-limit areas.]
They're everywhere, but they don't really get much attention . . . until somebody hits one. And then, more often than not, it is a lifesaver.

Ever wonder what it would be like to have guardrails in other areas of your life—areas where culture baits you to the edge of disaster and then chastises you when you step across the line? Your friendships. Your finances. Your marriage. Maybe your greatest regret could have been avoided if you had established guardrails. In this 6-part series, Andy Stanley challenges us to stop flirting with disaster and establish some personal guardrails.

- 6 Trimmed Messages for Small Groups; 15-20 minutes in length
- 6 Full-length Messages; 35 minutes in length

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This DVD can be enabled to show subtitles.

This DVD can be used for small group study. To do so, it is recommended that each group member use the companion study guide (sold separately).

1. Direct and Protect
2. Why Can't We Be Friends
3. Flee Baby Flee!
4. Me and the Mrs.
5. The Consumption Assumption
6. Once and For All

  1. Reviewed by Marie review by MarieB on 10/14/2013

    This series is awesome and it applies to babes in Christ as well as seasoned Christians. It's very practical and well presented.

  2. I wish review by TommyLee on 6/24/2013

    I wish I could have seen this 52 years would have been so helpful to me
    too get a hold on my sex driven life. I was adopted @ 72 hrs old & felt rejection
    ever so strongly when it wasn't even meant to be that at all.
    Guardrails makes so much scents to me now.
    I was young & dumb like so many others are today. We need guardrails 24/7
    I was lost but now I am found. PTL

  3. Great Guide for Teaching Our Children While Keeping Ourselves in Check. review by Russell B. on 6/9/2013

    2:00 AM and I couldn't sleep. Bothered by the days events. Watching some new behaviors develops from our children after they were interacting with other children during the day....
    I found Andy speaking when I turned on the television and I quickly thought "informercial" but, his voice and calm deamenor grabbed me. Everything he was saying was putting all my concerns and fears into a very logical organized place where I instantly knew how I needed to address our children when they would awake in a few hours. Thank You Andy!


  4. Awesome word picture for essential concept review by Rose on 7/3/2012

    I saw Andy & Sandra Stanley interviewed about this teaching series on Joyce Meyer's program recently, so I ordered the DVDs. I have been more excited about this concept than anything I have seen in a long, long time; and I have been a Christian for about 50 years. Like anything else God tells us to do, we must apply the insights He give us, but it really helps to have a clear teaching and a word picture that stays in your mind like this one does. I plan to make sure my 3 daughters and their families have access to these DVDs, along with whoever else God leads me to. I think it will make a great study for our ladies' Bible study as well.

  5. Great series for men... review by Pastor Rick on 2/10/2012

    Straight forward, biblically sound, practically applied...Guardrails was just what our men's Bible study needed. Discussion was open and focus on the Word was clear. Thanks for a valuable series that we will use again.

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