Irresistible Quiz - Eyes on the Road

Reaching the next generation won’t happen by accident.

You need a plan. And we’d like to help.

There are some easy adjustments you can make to start reaching (and keeping) the men and women in your community. If you’re ready to cast a new vision for your church—to become as irresistible as Jesus was—try this:

Step 1: Stop by the resource area at any time during Drive. Our staff would love to hear more about your ministry and help you think through next steps.

Step 2: Watch Eyes on the Road and hear Andy talk about why we need to resist the gravitational pull (toward insiders) of the local church.

Step 3:
Read Andy’s latest book, Irresistible and take your staff and colleagues through the group discussion guide.

Thanks for joining us for Drive 2019!

As you head home you may still have some questions for our staff. We’re here to help all year long.

The best way to reach us is:
866-866-5621 or