Irresistible Quiz - Deep & Wide

Great work so far! Your church has obviously made decisions—as it says in Acts 15:19—to “not make it difficult for [those] who are turning to God.”

But as Andy says,

“Knowing what to do is one thing, but doing it is something else entirely.”

How can we help you put practical legs on what it looks like to be a church that is irresistible to people outside the faith?

Here are a few next steps to consider:

Step 1: Watch Eyes on the Road and hear Andy talk about why we need to resist the gravitational pull (toward insiders) of the local church.


Step 2: Read Andy’s book, Deep & Wide and take your staff and colleagues through the team discussion guide in the back of the book.

Step 3: Watch The Irresist List—This video training will have you re-evaluating everything from Sunday’s sermon to your social media through the lens of unbelievers.