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You may not realize it, but every time you place an order with us, you are directly supporting the creation of the studies and tools you find on our site.

As a non-profit arm of North Point Ministries, our projects (and the team it takes to create them) rely on ministries like yours to keep the wheels turning and the lights on.

"Breathing Room for Moms" featuring Sandra Stanley

(Releasing September 2019)

"If Money Talked"
Andy Stanley - Financial Study

(Releasing in 2020)

New John Woodall
Men's Study

(Releasing in 2020)

And look what you helped us create in 2019

Story Cards, featuring photos of everyday life, help kick off conversation by giving everyone in a group an easy way to jump-start their replies. Whether with your family, your team, or a group from your church, use Story Cards to get the group talking.

If you've ever said the wrong thing or said the right thing the wrong way you know how quickly your big mouth can make a big mess. But it doesn't have to be that way.

This 6-session video study explores how your wiring affects what you say, how you listen, and how others hear you.

During this 4-part study, specifically designed for new groups, you’ll learn how being connected relationally will help you grow spiritually. And you’ll talk about the surprisingly simple things you can do to make sure your group experience is a great one.

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