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The Struggle Against Tradition in the Wake of the Resurrection

by Andy Stanley

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      Jesus’ resurrection launched a series of events that introduced the world to his new covenant and new hope. But old ways don’t easily give way. Not then. Not now.

      Part 1 - Stand Alone (Andy Stanley)

      If you were raised on a version of Christianity that relied on the Bible as the foundation of faith, a version that was eventually dismantled by academia or the realities of life, maybe it’s time for you to change your mind about Jesus. Maybe it’s time for you to consider the version of Christianity that relies on the event of the resurrection of Jesus as its foundation. If you gave up your faith because of something about or in the Bible, maybe you gave up unnecessarily.

      When you lose your fear of death, all fear is gone. The disciples’ hope was not in the Scriptures, but what they had seen and heard. The reason for our faith in Jesus—and thus our hope—is the resurrection. We must reclaim this hope for the sake of the generation that left faith and the next generation as well. So if you gave up on Christianity because of something in the Bible or something about the Bible, maybe it’s time to step back onto the firm foundation of our first- century friends, placing your confidence in the event that started it all.

      Part 2 - Upside Down (Andy Stanley)

      Jesus was irresistible. People from all different backgrounds were drawn to him. But as the early church was forming, there was a tendency to go back to their familiar religious traditions rather than live by Jesus’ new covenant. Sometimes we do the same.

      Oftentimes, the Old Testament says one thing while the New Testament says something different. Fortunately, we live under a new covenant, a covenant that Jesus set for us. In other words, maybe it’s clearer to ask, “What does Jesus say about that?”

      Part 3 - Fish Tricks (Andy Stanley)

      While Christianity draws many roots from the Old Testament, the early days of the New Testament church were marked by radical decisions that would set it on a new trajectory. These decisions continue to shape and challenge the church today.

      We should not make it difficult for those who are turning to God. The faith of the next generation may depend on it. Your neighbor’s faith may depend on it. Some day, your faith may depend on it as well.