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A Few of the Colorful Characters in Jesus' Family and the Role They Play in the Christmas Story

by Andy Stanley

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      Shake any family tree and you never know what kind of people might fall out. Let's face it; we all have an uncle or a cousin we whisper about behind closed doors. We all have a relative or two we try to avoid at family gatherings. No surprise there. But here's something you may not know. Jesus had a few shady characters in his family as well. Actually, he had some relatives that make your most wayward cousin look like a saint.

      In An Unexpected Christmas, Andy introduces us to a few of these colorful characters and the role they play in the Christmas story.


      Part 1 - Guest List (Andy Stanley)

      Don't we all have a relative or two we try to avoid at family gatherings? Shake any family tree and all kinds of people will fall out. In fact, Jesus had a few shady characters in his family as well. In this message, Andy Stanley explains the part these people play in the Christmas story. Matthew 1:9-13

      Part 2 - An Unlikely Candidate (Andy Stanley)

      Do you ever feel as if you won't ever measure up? Do you have secrets you don't want anyone to find out about? Then this message is for you. In it, Andy Stanley reveals the real point of the Christmas story and how you fit into God's plan. Genesis 38, Ephesians 2:8-9

      Part 3 - The Label Makers (Andy Stanley)

      If someone were to attach a label to you, what would it be? Would it be something you are proud of . . . or would it reveal a side of you that you'd just as soon keep secret? Listen as Andy Stanley tells the fascinating story of a woman in Jesus' family tree who had a not-so-nice label attached to her name. It's a story that should be comforting to all of us. Joshua 2, 6

      Part 4 - Promise Keeper (Andy Stanley)

      Is the message of Christmas too good to be true? Is it possible to have a relationship with God without earning it? In the fourth message in the series, Andy Stanley answers this question as he examines the life of one of Jesus' most dysfunctional relatives . . . someone a lot like us. 2 Samuel 7:8-16, 7:11-12 

      Part 5 - And Everything Changed (Andy Stanley)

      In the last of this unforgettable series, Andy Stanley reminds us of the real reason Jesus was born and what the Christmas story means to us today. Listen as he shares this message of hope. Luke 2:1-19