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Gaining and Maintaining Financial Stability

by Andy Stanley

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      Can you be unbalanced financially and still be a devoted follower of Christ? What does it even mean to be financially balanced?

      In this 6-part series, you'll be challenged to examine what you really believe about finances and faith:

      • What does the Bible say about money?
      • Can you survive without debt?
      • Are you content with what you have?
      • Are you giving God your leftovers?

      This series is filled with insightful perspectives and practical exercises to build a biblical foundation for your finances. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Click here for the Balanced workbook referenced in this sermon.

      Part 1 - Opening the Books (Andy Stanley)

      Are you financially balanced? How do you know? If you don't know where your money goes each month, you may be financially unbalanced. If you argue with your spouse about money, you may be financially unbalanced. If your month lasts longer than your money, you may be financially unbalanced.

      In this message, Andy Stanley reveals the three laws of financial balance and discusses how they apply to your life. Learn the first step toward achieving the freedom and contentment that comes with a balanced bank account. Matthew 6:21, Luke 16:13

      Part 2 - Reading the Fine Print (Andy Stanley)

      What is your primary objective when it comes to your personal finances? For some it's supporting a family; others strive to save as much as possible. For many, financial freedom is the finish line. What should your objective be when it comes to your money? What will bring you the most peace? Join Andy Stanley as he explores the Bible to find the answer. It just might surprise you. 1 Chronicles 21:10-14

      Part 3 - Back in the Black (Andy Stanley)

      Years ago, having debt was evidence that things weren't going well financially. Not so today. Consumer debt has become the cultural norm. Auto leases, credit cards, student loans, and second-home mortgages take our money, our attention, and our freedom.

      In this message, Andy Stanley shares God's wisdom about how to handle personal debt. He inspires us to take a hard look at where we are and to make the necessary corrections to get where God wants us to be. Deuteronomy 28:12, Proverbs 22:7, 25:28

      Part 4 - Creating a New Line Item (Andy Stanley)

      Our culture teaches that our value is based on the accumulation of stuff. The more we amass before we die, the more successful our lives have been. Do you live your life that way?

      In this message, Andy Stanley presents a different perspective. Through a New Testament parable, he illustrates the truth that what we do with our "extra" is a clear indication of whether we have bought into our culture's lie. If you want less anxiety in the arena of your finances, listen and apply this truth. Luke 12:16-21, 33

      Part 5 - Managing Your Expenses (Andy Stanley)

      Do you struggle with discontentment? If you do, there's a reason. In this message, Andy Stanley explains why your appetite for more never gets satisfied. Once you understand that, and apply the principles Andy presents, you'll be able to find the contentment you desire. 1 Timothy 6:6-11, 18-19

      Part 6 - Developing a Plan (Andy Stanley)

      When it comes to personal finances, we often put ourselves first, and God usually gets our leftovers. But then to whom do we turn when we are having financial trouble? Yep! The person we've put last. Doesn't make sense, does it?

      In the last of this 6-part series, Andy Stanley explains why it is in your best interest to re-prioritize your money. Using passages from the Old and New Testaments, he outlines a simple plan that will throw open the door to God's involvement in your finances—a plan that will bring you the freedom and peace you desire. Malachi 3:7-10, Matthew 6:24, 31-33, Mark 12:43-44