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Because You Didn't Set Out to be Just Like Everybody Else

by Andy Stanley

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      None of us sets out to be like everybody else, but it happens. Life begins to squeeze us into a mold until one day we wake up feeling trapped. Unfortunately many people think the answer is to run away, but they only end up making the same bad decisions over and over again. How do you break the cycle and break out of the crowd? Andy Stanley will renovate your thinking by exposing you to four core beliefs that have the power to change the trajectory of your life. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - A Way Out (Andy Stanley)

      As we make our way through life our culture tends to herd us all in the same direction until we begin to look the same, act the same and want the same things as everyone else. After a while this sense of sameness, with little hope for change, makes us feel trapped. In this message Andy explains how changing our thinking leads to good decisions and positive outcomes that will allow us to "breakaway" from our cultural captivity without breaking hearts or complicating our lives. Romans 12:2, John 8:31-32

      Part 2 - God Only Knows (Andy Stanley)

      In this message Andy communicates the importance of renovating our thinking so that our decisions are made in accordance with God's will and result in favorable outcomes. In order to renew our minds we must embrace a simple truth: God knows what is best for each one of us. We can't trust our hearts when making decisions; however, we can trust God with our hearts and allow Him to make our paths straight.

      Part 3 - Red and Yellow, Black and White (Andy Stanley)

      In this message Andy reminds us that every person we encounter in our lives is someone for whom Christ died. When we live our lives with this in the forefront of our thinking, we realize that all are precious in His sight. God demonstrated His love by sending His only Son to die for each of us, therefore we should love others as well.

      Part 4 - Avoiding the Mine Field (Andy Stanley)

      In this message Andy emphasizes the importance of rediscovering our deeply held beliefs regarding money so that the decisions we make financially will lead to positive outcomes. The Bible is clear: everything in heaven and earth belongs to God. We don't "own" anything, yet it is our responsibility to manage all that God has given us. 1 Chronicles 29:11-14

      Part 5 - Something's Up (Andy Stanley)

      In this message, Andy encourages us to re-examine the beliefs we have regarding our purpose in life. God desires that we believe He has a purpose for our life and He longs for us to participate in all He is up to in this world. Our participation will leave us with a feeling of joy and a sense of purpose. Psalm 33:8-11, Proverbs 19:21

      Part 6 - Reality Check (Andy Stanley)

      In this talk, Andy Stanley completes the series, Breakaway, by revealing a final belief that if we were to embrace, would lead us to make different decisions in every arena of our life. In order for us to be transformed and live a breakaway life, we must be honest with ourselves about the reasons we give for some of the decisions we've made. Only after we get real with ourselves do we become candidates for God to do something significant in our life. Romans 12:2, Jeremiah 17:9