Breaking With Tradition Audio Download

The Impact of Negative Family Traditions

by Andy Stanley

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      Because we repeat and reflect our heritage, we must identify and understand those habits or patterns in our life that are destructive. This 5-part series confronts the problems many of us face today because of negative family traditions we have inherited. The process to change takes time, but it is possible. Through Christ we have hope and a new perspective on why we do what we do. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - That Irresistable Tug (Andy Stanley)

      Our family traditions tend to be repeated from generation to generation. Many times negative traditions overpower our convictions, values and the teachings of scripture. This message explains how to focus on principles that help us to break these traditions. Matthew 15

      Part 2 - Refuse to Excuse (Andy Stanley)

      Our relationships today are steeped in traditions in which were trained by our families. These traditions are so strong they have the power to override our beliefs, values and convictions. The first process in breaking these traditions is to refuse to excuse our behavior. We must accept responsibility for our actions and understand what God wants for our life. Proverbs 12:15, Ephesians 5:17

      Part 3 - One Man's Journey (Andy Stanley)

      There is a way to break our negative traditions. In His Word, God has given us several processes to enable us to change. When we read the story of Josiah, we find that to break with tradition calls for radical breaks from our past. Through this story, God gives us hope that we can make positive improvements that will affect generations to come. 2 Chronicles 34

      Part 4 - Traditions Men Face (Andy Stanley)

      Family traditions tend to take control of our behavior. Four of these behaviors are: break the rules, control the consequences, conceal mistakes at all costs, and substitute financial support for emotional support. This message discusses the value of changing traditions to encourage positive actions that will benefit our families for generations to come. 2 Samuel 11:1

      Part 5 - The Finish Line (Andy Stanley)

      Forgiveness is critical to the process of breaking with tradition. Hurts from our past will continue to create problems in our adult lives until we learn to forgive. Forgiveness = Canceled debt. At the cross, we lost our right to refuse to forgive. Forgiveness benefits the offended as well as the offender. Matthew 18:21