Character Under Construction Audio Download

Renewed Minds Result in Transformed Minds

by Andy Stanley

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      Today, the pursuit of character has been abandoned for the pursuit of personal achievement and fulfillment. This 6-part series reminds us that God is in the process of developing character in his children and he wants us to be a part of that process. When we choose to renew our minds, it will result in transformed lives. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - Laying A Foundation (Andy Stanley)

      Character is the will to do what is right, as God defines right, regardless of the cost. Men and women of character are willing to recognize there is a standard of right and wrong outside of us that we need to submit ourselves to. We must be proactive and intentional in our pursuit of character and God will use our character to guide us. Proverbs 11:1-3

      Part 2 - Built To Scale (Andy Stanley)

      The character that God wants to develop in us was modeled by Jesus. As we allow Christ to live through us, our character will be conformed to His. To abide in Christ we must think and act relationally, not religiously; we must focus on association, not imitation; and we must adopt the attitude that we cannot, but Christ can through us. Romans 8:29; John 15:1

      Part 3 - Clocking In (Andy Stanley)

      God is constantly at work in us to renew our minds. Renewal breaks down our resistance to Gods rule in our lives which ultimately enables Him to have greater influence over our wills. A renewed mind results in a transformed life, because when we see things as God sees them we are more likely to do what God wants. Romans 12:1-2

      Part 4 - Demolition (Andy Stanley)

      God wants our character to be in alignment with the character of Jesus. Our belief systems shape our attitudes and actions. When we believe things that are not true, it negatively changes our actions. To help begin identifying the lies we believe we should examine the excuses we use to explain our behavior; examine the areas in our life in which we tend to overreact; and examine the temptations to which we are most susceptible. Colossians 3:8-10

      Part 5 - Reconstruction (Andy Stanley)

      The Bible tells us that renewing our mind will build our character. The truth will set us free. Therefore, it is our responsibility to counter the specific lies we believe with specific truths from God's word. Remember: Nothing we could gain by breaking fellowship with the Father is worth having. Matthew 4:19

      Part 6 - The Punch List (Andy Stanley)

      In order to change areas of our life, we must renew our minds through learning God's word. If we want to see change in our life we must be responsible for the process. Going to church and saying prayers will not renew our minds. To put on the new we must speak the truth, personalize the truth, pray the truth, and meditate on the truth. John 8:31