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The Importance of Forgiving Others

by Andy Stanley

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      Forgiveness can be a difficult process when hurt feelings and anger cloud our thinking. But in order to begin healing from pain caused by others, we must choose to forgive. This 3-part series explains the importance of forgiving others and how it helps us even more than the person who hurt us. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - Canceling The Debt (Andy Stanley)

      Whenever we are hurt, we feel as if someone owes us something. Therefore, we hold onto our hurts and build our case against the offender. But if we refuse to forgive, we begin a self-destructive pattern. God has not asked us to die for someone else as Jesus did, but only to forgive them. Matthew 18:21-35

      Part 2 - Dealing with Anger (Andy Stanley)

      How do we forgive people who continue to hurt us over and over again? Only forgiveness begins the healing process when we have been hurt by others. This message discusses what the Bible says about anger, hurt and forgiveness. Ephesians 4:25-27

      Part 3 - The Process of Forgiveness (Andy Stanley)

      How do we apply the principle of forgiveness to different situations? This message describes five insights into forgiveness. It includes an interview with Dr. Charles Stanley as he discusses the process he went through in order to forgive his step-father.