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Every Relationship Has a Climate

by Jeff Henderson

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      Every relationship has a climate—sunny, stormy, or even icy. And the current climate dictates the forecast. The problem is that many of us are unaware of the emotional climates we carry around with us.

      In this 4-part series by Jeff Henderson, we will discover how we affect the emotional climate when we arrive home or step into a meeting at work, and we will look at three of the most significant climate shapers in any relationship.

      The truth for all of us is that at least one of our relationships could use a climate change. And until the climate changes, the forecast will remain the same.

      Part 1 - The Forecast (Jeff Henderson)

      Climate isn’t just what can be observed outside. In fact, the most critical climate may be the one created inside a room when you walk into it. In this message, Jeff Henderson uses an Old Testament story to unpack God’s warning about the climates we create in our relationships. Asking one bold question may help you change the “atmosphere” you’re creating at work and at home.

      Part 2 - Storm Clouds (Jeff Henderson)

      Do you have a friendship that has drifted? Or a marriage that is distant? Do you have a co-worker you’ve been avoiding? Or is it just the conflict you’ve been avoiding? In this message, Jeff Henderson reveals the two very interesting words Solomon used to describe behavior that will “win favor. . . in the sight of God.” And they are two words that may help you navigate the conflicts you’ve been avoiding.

      Part 3 - The Eye of the Storm (Jeff Henderson)

      Why did that friend snap back at your innocent comment? Why didn’t your husband want to talk about what happened at work? In Paul’s letter to the Phillippians, he may have hit on the answer. In this message, Jeff Henderson shows us how one of the most famous verses in the Bible can help us overcome insecurity’s effects on our relationships.

      Part 4 - A Lifetime Forecast (Jeff Henderson)

      Is your past perfect? Are your present circumstances exactly what you want them to be? Likely, the answer to one or both of those questions is no. The good news is that even if you can’t change your past or your current circumstances, you can change something else. In this message, Jeff Henderson introduces us to the gift God offers that will drastically affect the climate you carry into your future.

      Jeff Henderson is the Lead Pastor of Gwinnett Church, a multi-campus location of North Point Ministries. Prior to this, Jeff served as the Lead Pastor for Buckhead Church in Atlanta, Goergia for eight years. Before serving in ministry, Jeff managed the sports & beverage marketing efforts of Chick-fil-A, Inc. He spent 15 years doing marketing work for the Atlanta Braves, Callaway Gardens Resorts, Lake Lanier Islands Resorts and Chick-fil-A.