Defining Moments Study Guide

What to Do When You Come Face to Face With The Truth

by Andy Stanley

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      It is no secret that what you don't know can hurt you. In spite of that, we still go out of our way at times to avoid the truth. Men avoid doctors; women deny evidence of adultery. While the truth often hurts, deceiving ourselves ultimately will hurt worse.

      In this 9-part series, Andy Stanley recounts how Jesus introduced some rather perplexing truth to seven individuals who had grown comfortable with their misinformed lifestyles and belief systems. For those who had the courage to embrace the truth, their lives were changed forever. They discovered firsthand that the truth can set you free.

      This is a paperback participant guide. It includes discussion questions for individuals and/or small groups, between-session devotions, DVD session overviews, and a leader's guide.

      This participant guide will help you dig deeper into the teachings from Andy Stanley on the companion DVD (sold separately). To use in a small group setting, you will need one DVD per group and one participant guide per person.

      1. Letting Go
      2. Good Isn't Good Enough
      3. A Conflict of Interest
      4. Seeing Is Believing
      5. Thirsty?
      6. Games People Play
      7. Easier Said Than Done
      8. Playing God
      9. Imagine