DRIVE 2019 Conference Content

Andy Stanley and North Point’s leading communicators will be sharing our latest learnings and tools to help you take your ministry further faster.

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      Share this year's Drive Conference experience with your team!

      The Drive 2019 Conference Content contains:

      • Video of all Four Main Sessions by Andy Stanley (MOV files)
        • Drive 2019 Main Session 1: Inconceivable
        • Drive 2019 Main Session 2: Why We Worship
        • Drive 2019 Main Session 3: The Faith of the Next Generation
        • Drive 2019 Main Session 4: Living it Out
      • 12 Highest-rated Breakout sessions including (audio) A First Step for Non-Christians
        • Assume They’re In the Room
        • Creating and Delivering Great Student Talks
        • Four Characteristics of an Influential Leader
        • Building a Team of KidMin Volunteers
        • Grow Your Church
        • Multi-Site Strategy
        • Partnering with Parents of Preschoolers
        • Staff Check Up Developing & Keeping a Healthy Staff
        • The Fully Funded Church
        • The Principles of Hiring & Firing
        • Training Volunteers to Think Guest Centric