DRIVE Audio Download Bundle

by Andy Stanley & Other Speakers


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      2005 DRIVE Conference

      Session 1 - We're Not There Yet (Reggie Joiner)

      Session 2 - Creating Irresistible Environments (Andy Stanley)

      Session 3 - Creating Synergy (Reggie Joiner)

      Session 4 - Communicating for A Change (Andy Stanley)

      Session 5 - Gaining and Sustaining Momentum (Andy Stanley)


      2006 DRIVE Conference

      Session 1 - Replacing the Filters (Andy Stanley)

      Session 2 - Repairing the Transmission (Andy Stanley)

      Session 3 - Changing the Plugs (Andy Stanley)

      Session 4 - Recharging the Battery (Dr. Charles Stanley)

      Session 5 - High Performance Teams (Andy Stanley)



      Session 2 - Becoming a Great Staff

      From the second session at Drive '08, Andy Stanley explores the concept of mutual submission and the powerful impact you can have as a leader when you put it into practice.

      Session 3 - Random Thoughts on Leadership

      In this session, Andy Stanley offers five leadership principles that have had a tremendous impact on the growth and success of North Point Ministries. This message features concepts from Joel Barker, Craig Groeschel, Andy Grove and Al Reis. Hear how Andy and his leadership team have listened to and applied these powerful teachings to help transform the church into a place for the unchurched.


      2009 DRIVE Conference

      Session 1 - Leading in Uncertain Times

      Andy Stanley speaks about leading during times of uncertainty. He focuses on two important principles leaders must apply to continue moving forward.

      Session 2 - Listening, Lerning & Leading

      Andy Stanley explains why leaders gravitate toward the voices that tell them what they want to hear. He reveals the danger of continuing to do that.

      Session 3 - Making Vision Stick

      Andy Stanley asserts that your vision is the lifeblood of your organization. So, how do you instill that vision into the hearts and minds of those you lead?


      2010 DRIVE Conference

      Session 1 - The Cross and the Coliseum (Andy Stanley)

      Session 3 - The Opposable Leader (Andy Stanley)


      2011 DRIVE Conference

      Session 1 - Church Matters (Andy Stanley)

      Session 2 - Communicating for a Change (Andy Stanley)

      To download a copy of the notes for this message, please click here.

      Session 3 - Vision is a Team Sport (Jeff Henderson)

      Session 4 - Defying Gravity (Andy Stanley)

      In every church, over time, there are “gravitational pulls” that tug you in the wrong direction. You make decisions and start programs and before you know it, the church you have is no longer the church you want–or that God wants. In this message, Andy Stanley dives into the four gravitational pulls that act on every church. And he unpacks the one verse that hangs on his office wall and drives every decision made at North Point.