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Exploring the Unique Dynamics of Family

by Andy Stanley & Other Speakers

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      Of all relationships in life, few are as important or as complicated as the relationships between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, or sisters and brothers. These relationships impact us more than we want to admit. Although we are tempted to write these relationships off when they are painful, we still know that there is something in us that needs that connection.

      Drawing largely from personal stories, this 4-part series explores the unique dynamics of family. Whether you are a parent or a child, you'll be challenged to put on the gloves and step back into the ring, because when it comes to family, some relationships are worth fighting for.



      Part 1 - It's Worth The Fight (Holly Delich)

      Her story is all too common. At the age of two, Holly's father had an affair, moved away, and remarried. Years of missed child support, infrequent calls, and forgotten birthdays only added to the distance and separation. To add insult to injury, he came within minutes of completely missing her wedding, nearly ruining the day she'd dreamt about her whole life. Holly was tempted to throw in the towel on her relationship with her dad; instead, she chose to pick up the gloves and start fighting. She realized that some relationships are worth the fight. Romans 12:18


      Part 2 - Get In The Ring (Jared Herd)

      Of all the relationships we have in life, few are as difficult and yet as critical as the relationship between a father and his child. All of us have experienced this dynamic as children, and many of us experience the other side as parents. In this message Jared Herd explores why no matter how estranged you may feel as a parent or a child, this relationship is still worth fighting for. Ephesians 6:2-3


      Part 3 - Choosing Sides (Andy Stanley)

      One of the most tragic stories in the Bible is that of David and Absalom. Absalom longed for his father's approval. David longed for the respect of his son. In the end, war came between the two, and one lost his life, while the other lost any chance for reconciliation. This message explores the dynamics of family relationships and why some battles are worth fighting. Proverbs 23:22


      Part 4 - The Final Round (Andy Stanley)

      Let's face it--you can't live with them and you can't live without them. Family relationships can be sticky. You are tempted to write them off and move on with your life, but you can't simply cut ties. Knowing this, what are you supposed to do? In this session, Andy Stanley clarifies the goal of these relationships and provides some ringside strategy for the fight. 2 Corinthians 5:18


      VIDEO — Part 1 - It's Worth The Fight (Holly Delich)


      VIDEO — Part 2 - Get In The Ring (Jared Herd)


      VIDEO — Part 3 - Choosing Sides (Andy Stanley)


      VIDEO — Part 4 - The Final Round (Andy Stanley)