Heroes CD Series

Explore the Characteristics of Heroes

by Andy Stanley



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      NOTE: This CD Series is being sold without a case or artwork. CDs will come in paper sleeves.

      Everyone dreams of being a hero—to act courageously and decisively in the most difficult of situations. While it may seem unrealistic and far-fetched to think you could ever be a hero, the truth is that you will face defining moments throughout your life when opportunities to act heroically arrive at your doorstep. How will you respond?

      In this 4-part series, Andy Stanley studies the examples of biblical figures and modern-day heroes and explains the two characteristics all heroes have in common.

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      1. X-Ray Vision
      2. Expect the Unexpected
      3. An American Hero
      4. Perfect Opportunity

      There is something in each of us that is drawn to the hero. We admire his clarity of vision in the face of uncertainty. We applaud her quick action while others stand paralyzed on the sidelines. We stand back in awe of the hero, but the reality is that each of us will be presented with the opportunity to be a hero. Each of us will have defining moments in our lives where we will be called upon to act heroically on behalf of someone. Will you be ready? Will you be a hero?
      Proverbs 11:3

      Having trouble seeing clearly? Uncertain about what is right and wrong? Do you long for the clarity to know what needs to be done and the confidence to do it? One of the distinguishing characteristics of heroes is that they see clearly, and that clarity causes a sense of urgency to act. We’ll explore the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10 to illustrate the clarity that Jesus had.
      Luke 10:25-37

      Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some take the form of mothers who teach their children to always choose the harder right than the easier wrong. Some take the form of wives who stand faithfully by their husband’s side and pour out love and care in the wake of tragedy. Other heroes are formed on the battlefield, finding clarity and taking action in the face of bullets and bombs. Regardless, there is something that all heroes need in their lives.
      1 Peter 3:15; Luke 15:11-32

      We’ve all been there. We had the clarity to see what needed to be done and the irresistible urge to act, and we stepped in only to make the situation worse. Having clarity and the urge to act are the two characteristics found in every hero, but by themselves they don’t guarantee a heroic outcome. There is one final step that we must go through before leaping into action.
      1 Samuel 24:6