Honest To God Audio Download

God Wants Us To Be Honest With Him

by Clay Scroggins

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      Part 1 - Full Disclosure Agreement (Clay Scroggins)

      The healthiest relationships are the most honest relationships. When it comes to our relationship with God, most of us edit our conversations with him. We sanitize our emotions because we don’t want to offend or anger him. But what if God wants us to be honest with him? What if he values full disclosure over decorum?

      Are you celebrating anything you haven’t told God about? Are you angry with God or anyone else? Are you struggling with disappointment? Is there a loss you haven’t fully mourned? Be honest with God about it. He already knows what you’re experiencing. He just wants your full disclosure because that’s how healthy relationships work. Psalm 7:1-2, 40:1-3, 42:9-10, 73:1-5, 66:1-5, 58:6-8; James 4:8

      Part 2 - When Doubts Swirl (Clay Scroggins)

      We’re all tempted to try to present God with the best possible versions of ourselves . . . even if those versions aren’t entirely true to who we are. But God wants our true selves. He invites honesty because it creates the potential for a deeper relationship with him. Until you are fully honest with God, you will not experience God fully. One thing that prevents us from being honest with God is doubt about who he is and what he’s promised. But God doesn’t want us to bury our doubt or try to ignore it. Instead, he wants it to act as a bridge to a fuller, more life changing relationship with him.

      Your doubt doesn’t have to be a barrier to a relationship with God. It can be a strength instead of a weakness. Being honest with God about your doubt and turning to him in praise bridges gaps in the relationship. Being honest about your doubt tells God what is true about you. Being honest in praise tells God what is true about him. Psalm 13

      Part 3 - Guilt Trip (Clay Scroggins)

      When we fail to measure up to a set of standards, we feel guilt. When we fail to measure up to God’s standards, it can drive a wedge in our relationship with him. But resolving the guilt we feel when we think we have disappointing God is simpler than we believe. It requires honesty.

      Is your relationship with God currently limited by feelings of guilt? You need to come clean to your heavenly Father—not to be clean, but because, in Christ, you’re already clean. Being honest to God about your guilt allows you to experience the relief of grace. Psalm 32:5