How To Be Rich 2012 Audio Download

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      Part 1 - Good for Nothing (Andy Stanley)
      One thing about being a large church is we can make a large difference. When we come together, when we're generous, we can change our communities and the world. This year with our seven Atlanta-area churches and fifteen partner churches, we intend to make a big difference.

      Part 2 - Side Effects (Andy Stanley)
      Rich people live in denial. They won't admit they're rich. No matter how much you have, there's always someone who has more. But if you earn $40,000 a year, you are in the top four percent of wage earners in the world. If you earn $48,000 a year, that puts you in the top one percent of wage earners in the world. Most of us are rich. And one of the dangers of being rich is discontentment. The more you have, the more you want.

      Wealth has side effects. If you're rich, you're at risk. How do we avoid the pitfalls of wealth?

      Part 3 - Dollar Cost Living (Andy Stanley)
      For many of us, our problem isn't that we're not rich (if you make $45,000 per year, you're in the top one percent of wage earners worldwide); our problem is that we don't feel rich. The desire to feel wealthy causes us to place our hope in money instead of in God. But the Bible describes a different way of thinking about and using our wealth.

      Part 4 - Diversify (Andy Stanley)
      We're all tempted to place our faith in money. We're tempted to believe that if we make enough, we'll be able to control our circumstances and create a better life for ourselves. The problem with that view is that the more we place our faith in money, the more it controls us. Scripture challenges us to look at our money differently because our lives are better when we place our trust in the One who richly provides. Viewing wealth through the lens of eternity loosens our grip on it and its grip on us.