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      Part 1 - Congratulations (Andy Stanley)
      We spend most of lives trying to get rich. We work and scheme and worry in the pursuit of this ever elusive goal. And yet while we accumulate more and more stuff, and the worries that come with it, we never feel rich. But what if we've already achieved our goal, and we didn't even realize it? What if the thing we're chasing is already in our hands? In this message, Andy Stanley will discuss the seemingly preposterous question: "What if you were, in fact, rich?" 1 Timothy 6:17

      Part 2: - Daddy's Money (Andy Stanley)
      In our affluent society the excesses of wealth are out in full display. As a result we don't usually think of ourselves as rich because there is always someone who has more. But the truth is, if we have more than we need, then we are rich. And as those who are rich, we have certain temptations that are specific to us. In this message Andy Stanley discusses a passage written directly to rich people and the subtle temptation that it addresses.  1 Timothy 6:17, Proverbs 18:11, Ecclesiasties 5:10, Matthew 6:24

      Part 3 - Dollar Cost Living (Andy Stanley)
      Who wants to be average? Well, apparently, rich people. Survey after survey reveals that when it comes to generosity, rich people rank equal to, if not below, those with fewer resources. But as people who have been blessed with both extra time and money, this should not be. Those who have margin have the extra responsibility to be more than average when it comes to using what they have to serve others. 1 Timothy 6:18

      Part 4 - Diversify (Andy Stanley)
      Ultimately, feeling guilty about our wealth or becoming more aware of others' needs has a relatively small impact on our generosity. Instead, they are short-term motivators for giving. The longstanding factor that alters our attitudes about money is viewing wealth through the lens of eternity; looking at our wealth in the context of eternity loosens our grip on our stuff, which loosens its grip on us. 1 Timothy 6:17-19, Luke 12:13-21