Irresistible DVD

Reclaiming the New That Jesus Unleashed for the Wold

by Andy Stanley

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      Once upon a time there existed a version of our faith worth living and dying for, something the world found irresistible. Men and women pursued it at the risk of persecution, job loss, and eviction from their homes, temples, and society.

      What if we actually followed their lead? Perhaps it would change how we read the Bible? Perhaps it would help us understand our own faith and what we believe? Perhaps we would change the world again?

      In this six-session study, Andy Stanley shows us how Jesus' arrival signaled that the Old Testament was fulfilled and its laws reduced to a single verb--love--to be applied to God, neighbor, and enemy. So, what is required if we want to follow Jesus' example and radically love the people around us? We almost always know the answer. The hard part is actually doing what love requires.

      Rather than working harder to make Christianity more interesting, we need to recover what once made faith in Jesus irresistible to the world.

      This DVD can be used for small group study. To do so, it is recommended that each group member use the companion study guide (sold separately).


      1. Simply Resistible
      2. Brand-New Agreement
      3. The Bible According to Jesus
      4. The Irresistible Ethic
      5. What Love Requires
      6. A New Approach