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The Scary Truth About the Words You "Accidentally" Speak

by Andy Stanley

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      Where did that come from? You know that horrible, sinking feeling you have when something comes out of your mouth that you didn’t expect – that is just so unlike you. Did you know those words are a reflection of a bigger problem lurking beneath the surface? “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks,” states Matthew 12:33.

      In this 5-part series, Andy Stanley explores the scary truth that the words you “accidentally” speak and the actions you later regret are actually in keeping with what’s hiding in your heart.

      Part 1 - The Hidden Chamber

      Suddenly a young wife files for divorce. Suddenly a college student's grades drop and his attitude changes. Suddenly a man's harmless pastime becomes a destructive habit. Each looks for someone else to blame. But the real enemy lurks within--in the heart. Not the organ that pumps blood through our veins, but that invisible, intangible place where we experience love, compassion, contempt, and jealousy. Proverbs 4:23

      Part 2 - Luring Them Into The Open

      It grows in the darkness and shrinks from the light. It lodges itself inside your heart and begins to infect all of your relationships. Carrying it with you wherever you go, this creature called guilt soon becomes a heavy burden. But what can you do? And how can you break its power over you? There is one way to gain freedom from the power of guilt, and the solution may surprise you. James 5:16

      Part 3 - That Hideous Thing

      It sneaks up on you before you even know it's there. Rising up out of the shadows, its goal is to isolate you from others. And once it gets its fangs in you, it infects you with the thirst for what others have. When this creature called jealousy makes its home in your heart it even causes you to rejoice when others fail. In this message Andy Stanley reveals the truth about jealousy and how to combat this creature from within. 1 Corinthians 13:4

      Part 4 - Five Sticky Fingers

      Lingering just out of sight, this master of disguise capitalizes on deception. With many different faces his masquerade is often difficult to see through. He sneaks up on his victims and without them even realizing it ignites within them desires that cannot be quenched. In this message Andy Stanley takes a closer look at this creature called greed and reveals the antidote for his attempts to lead your heart astray. Matthew 6:21

      Part 5 - Killing the Beast

      You might not see it coming, but it is hard to miss the trail of destruction it leaves in its wake--broken relationships, damaged lives, shattered dreams. If ignored this deadliest of the creatures from within will only grow in power, lashing out at those who often least expect it. And the only way to get rid of this creature called anger is to follow some rather radical advice. Ephesians 4:26-27