Lessons from the Life of David Audio Download

Learning How to Respond in Difficult Situations

by Andy Stanley

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      Many of life's situations have simple solutions and easy responses. But we occasionally find ourselves in places where it's difficult to see the right answer. Is what appears best really the right thing to do?

      In this 4-part series we look at four stories from the life of David. They are relevant to life today because we all need to know how God wants us to respond when:
      1) Life doesn't follow our expectations
      2) Circumstances appear to indicate an obvious choice
      3) We choose to conceal, rather than to confess our sin
      4) We realize our dreams can't come true


      Part 1 - Liar, Liar (Andy Stanley)

      The four biggest fears we fight are fear, loneliness, anger and rejection. We have a more difficult time trusting God to maintain our lives, than to put things in order. Andy looks at the life of David, and how one mistake of not trusting God cost him greatly. 1 Samuel 21:1-10; 22:16-23

      Part 2 - Absolute Power (Andy Stanley)

      God does not boil down decision making to interpreting circumstances. Circumstances are loaded with emotion, and we have to look beyond them. When making decisions, we need to ask ourselves three questions: Does this option violate God’s law? Does the option violate a principle? Is this option the wise thing to do? 1 Samuel 24

      Part 3 - Addicted to Love (Andy Stanley)

      The consequences of confession far outweigh the consequence of concealment. Regardless of what we cover up, we will always pay a high price relationally. Confession is the road to healing. 2 Samuel 11:1-27

      Part 4 - Lost World (Andy Stanley)

      There may be times we look back on our lives and realize our dreams will never come true. We assume that what we want for ourselves, that God wants for us too. Our assumptions about God’s care of us are not necessarily God’s plan of how he chooses to care for us. 2 Samuel 15:10-25