Love, Dates & Heartbreaks Audio Download

by Andy Stanley | 6-Part Sermon Series

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      In relationships, we often believe if we find the right person it will make everything right. So we ask ourselves, “Is this the right person for me?” Maybe we need to be asking a different question—a question that shifts our focus from seeking the right kind of person to becoming the right kind of person.

      We all want to be in a great relationship. But great relationships don't automatically happen because we found the right person or because we made a promise. They happen when we strive to become the person that the person we're looking for is looking for.

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Sermon Titles

  1. The Right Person Myth (Andy Stanley)
  2. The Fine Print (Andy Stanley)
  3. Grownup Love (Andy Stanley)
  4. Five Rules for Dating (Andy Stanley)
  5. Groundhog Date (Andy Stanley)
  6. When Dreams Can't Come True (Andy Stanley)