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by Andy Stanley & Sean Seay

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      Part 1- Natural Born Sinners (Andy Stanley)

      We tend to believe that we are good people who occasionally do bad things. If this is true, why are we so driven to do wrong when we know not to? The Bible says we were born sinners. Jesus Christ came to die for our sins and set us free from the power of sin. As we embrace this truth we learn that Jesus came so that we could have life and have it abundantly. Romans 5:6-17

      Part 2- The Truth About Me (Sean Seay)

      We all have something in our lives that is a challenge for us. Something that consistently gets the best of us. God is calling us to consider who we are in Christ. When we believe the truth that we are dead to sin and alive to God, we are transformed. Romans 5:6-17

      Part 3 - An Offer You Can't Refuse (Andy Stanley)

      As Christians, we are no longer alive to sin. Sin is not our master. We have been set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness. Even though sin can seem tempting for a time, wherever there is sin there is death close behind. Romans 6:11-23

      Part 4 - Release From the Law (Andy Stanley)

      Are we in a relationship with God or just in a relationship with "Christian rules"? In the Old Testament God gave Israel laws to obey in order to reveal their need for repentance and forgiveness. After many years of their inability to keep the law, God sent them a Savior to die for their sins. Therefore the law was no longer needed and we also have been released from the law. Romans 7:1-6

      Part 5 - It's Against The Law (Andy Stanley)

      There is something in us that wants to do good, but we can't carry it out. When we do what we do not want to do, it is sin living in us that does it. How do we overcome this dilemma? The answer is not "what," but "who." Christ came to deliver us from the power of sin. Romans 7:7-25

      Part 6 - Coming To Terms (Andy Stanley)

      Finding an identity is an extremely powerful aspect of our lives. God has given us an identity as children of God. We are brand new and God wants us to live out who we are. In this message, Andy challenges us to find the one area of our lives we want to see change in. Romans 8:5-17