Pause CD Series

A Study on Temptation

by Andy Stanley

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      Temptation isn't new. From the apple in the garden, to the guy with the cute smile, to the slightly illegitimate business deal, we all face temptation. But why can't we just walk away?

      In this 4-part series, Andy Stanley takes a closer look at the temptations Jesus faced in the desert in order to identify the driving forces behind the temptations we face every day. Once we realize what is behind temptation, and what is at stake every time we're tempted, we can find the confidence to respond as Jesus did.

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      1. Forty-One Days
      2. Soul Provider
      3. Proving Ground
      4. King of the Hill

      Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to turn away from temptation? What is it that leads you to keep making the same poor choices? Could it be that the reason you find temptation so, well, tempting is that you’ve never paused to think about what is at stake? In this session we will discuss what really hangs in the balance when you are faced with temptation. Romans 6:14

      It is tempting to feel that God is in no hurry to take care of your needs–like the direction your marriage is headed, the fact that you are still single, or the speed at which your career is advancing. Jesus too was tempted to take things in His own hands and His response reveals a lot about what is really at stake when we are tempted to act independently of God. Matthew 4:4


      Every day people fall into the temptation of presuming on God. You see it in the young couple that spends irresponsibly and then asks God to bail them out financially. The young single who says, “I’ll marry him, then pray for him.” But what’s wrong with that? Hasn’t God promised to take care of us? In this session we’ll discuss the second of Jesus’ three temptations in the desert and what it teaches us about presuming on God. Matthew 4:7


      Somewhere along the way you will be presented with an opportunity to jump ahead, to take a shortcut, to move closer to that goal you are chasing. And the only catch is that you will have to temporarily abandon your values. So what will you do? It turns out that Jesus was made just such an offer in His third temptation. Examining His response will prepare you for your moment of truth.
      Matthew 4:10