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Is There More to Prayer Than We Thought?

by Andy Stanley

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      Could it be that there is more to prayer than we thought? Two thousand years ago, Jesus pulled his disciples aside and taught them to pray. In examining his instructions, we find a disconnect between his teaching and the way we typically approach prayer. We discover that there are some things about prayer we think are important but aren't; and there are some things we don't think are important that are.

      In this 3-part series, Andy Stanley unpacks the words of Jesus to help us understand what God had in mind when he gave us the ability and the opportunity to talk to him. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - I Can Hear You Now ( Andy Stanley)

      So what is important when we pray? Is it the words that we use? What about the place or the time? As we examine the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:5-8, we are often surprised at the answers. God wants us to connect to Him in a growing, living relationship, and this requires us to take actions we may not have considered before. Matthew 6:5-8

      Part 2 - Making Your Minutes Count (Andy Stanley)

      Most of us have memorized it, but when was the last time we stopped to think about the words? What was Jesus trying to teach us through it? What are the insights to be gathered from this very familiar passage of Scripture? Take the time to walk through the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13, and see if it changes your perspective on prayer. Matthew 6:9-13

      Part 3 - Speed Dial (Andy Stanley)

      What can imposing on our neighbor teach us about God and prayer? Apparently, a great deal. Examine a parable told by Jesus in response to a question by one of His disciples and the implications for our prayer lives. You'll find the answer will affect not only what you ask for, but also your understanding of how and when God answers prayer. Luke 11:9