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This is the audio download of the message presented on Sunday September 30, 2018 by Andy Stanley. This is not content that is available on the Irresistible DVD or from the Irresistible Audio Book.

by Andy Stanley | 1-Part Sermon

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      Long before there were Christian Scriptures, there were Christians—men and women whose faith began with an empty tomb. These eyewitnesses to the resurrection experienced an event so extraordinary that it changed their lives, and what they gave their lives to, forever. But now a generation is walking away from their faith as their confidence in the Bible is dismantled. They assume that as the Bible goes, so goes Christianity. Maybe it’s time we learned from the faith of those early eyewitnesses—faith that’s undeniable and ultimately, irresistible.

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❝To reach people that no one else is reaching, we have to do things that no one else is doing.❞ —Andy Stanley

We believe Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead, but not because the Bible tells us so. It’s better than that! The time has come for a return to the original, revolutionary, event-centered message. Read Matthew 28:18–20 and ask God to give you courage as you consider the part you can play in the lives of those who may have left their faith behind unnecessarily.

❝We do not take these documents seriously, because they are in the Bible. These documents were included in the Bible because early Christians took them seriously.❞ —Andy Stanley

Ephesians 2:19-20;  Matthew 28:18–20

❝What’s the faith of the next generation worth? I say it’s worth everything.❞ —Andy Stanley

❝Great churches are characterized by three things:
1️⃣ People who love Jesus.
2️⃣ People who love like Jesus.
3️⃣ People who have a plan for introducing the next generation to the love of Jesus.❞
—Andy Stanley