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What If "We the People" Tried to Get This Country on the Road to Recovery?

by Andy Stanley

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      Unemployment is up. Stocks are down. And everybody’s pointing fingers.

      If you are like most Americans, you’re wondering what’s going on in Washington. And you’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to do while you wait for somebody to fix things.

      Well, here’s an idea.

      What if we don’t wait around for somebody else? What if we go ahead and start fixing it ourselves? What if “We the People” tried to get this country on the road to recovery? Sound like a good idea? Then you’re ready for this 6-part series, Recovery Road. DOWNLOAD ONLY

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      Part 1 - We, the People (Andy Stanley)

      How can a nation with this much wealth have a financial crisis? No matter who you ask - Republican or Democrat - the other side has caused our nation's problems. In this message, Andy uses a familiar Bible passage to remind us that Jesus called on us to stop pointing fingers. And start looking in the mirror. We may have more power to start the recovery than we know. Matthew 7:3-5

      Part 2 - Taking Inventory (Andy Stanley)

      Should our nation's recovery take its cue from 12-step recovery programs? In this message, Andy introduces us to a step we should all take—a step that starts with me, not you. A national recovery just might begin when Christians stop policing others and start owning and recovering from our own issues. Jeremiah 17:9

      Part 3 - The Credibility Factor (Andy Stanley)

      What can we expect from the private behavior of our public figures? And should candidates' personal integrity affect our votes? In this message, Andy Stanley introduces us to "moral authority" and an Old Testament leader who had a great deal of it. When we step into the voting booth, a candidate's moral authority may just be his or her most important qualification for the task of leading our national recovery.

      Part 4 - Declaration of Dependence (Andy Stanley)

      In God We Trust. Or do we? It's our national motto. But is it still true? In this message, Andy Stanley challenges the nation to change our rhetoric and declare our dependence on Almighty God - like King Solomon did, like Abraham Lincoln did, like our nation's founding fathers did. Recovery needs God's blessings and favor. And blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12, James 4:6

      Part 5 - The Spending Crisis (Andy Stanley)

      We can be a nation that makes interest or that pays interest. The choice should be obvious. Yet, somewhere along the way, our national perspective on that choice changed. Debt used to be a burden of the poor. Now it's a "tool" used by everyone from the richest to the poorest. In this message, Andy reminds us of God's financial wisdom - wisdom that has been in the Bible for 2,000 years. Maybe now is the time to start listening. Matthew 6:24, Proverbs 22:7

      Part 6 - Entitled (Andy Stanley)

      Are we too worried about what we're entitled to? And not worried enough about what we're doing with what we're entitled to? Jesus, the Son of God, was entitled to his apostles' praise. Yet rather than demanding his due, Jesus set an even more powerful example. He became a servant. In this message, Andy casts a vision for what we should do with the time, money and influence to which we are entitled. And he makes a big challenge for 2012... Mark 10:42-45, John 13:13-17