Recovery Road DVD

What If "We the People" Tried to Get This Country on the Road to Recovery?

by Andy Stanley

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      Unemployment is up. Stocks are down. And everybody’s pointing fingers.

      If you are like most Americans, you’re wondering what’s going on in Washington. And you’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to do while you wait for somebody to fix things.

      Well, here’s an idea.

      What if we don’t wait around for somebody else? What if we go ahead and start fixing it ourselves? What if “We the People” tried to get this country on the road to recovery?

      Sound like a good idea?

      Then you’re ready for Recovery Road.

      - 6 Full-length Messages (Disc 1)
      - 6 Sets of Discussion Questions in PDF Format (Disc 2)
      - 6 Audio Files of Each Message in MP3 Format (Disc 2)
      - 6 Video Files of Each Message in MOV Format (Disc 2)

      Disc 1 > Viewable in a DVD Player
      Disc 2 > For Use in a Computer as a Data Disc (PDFs of study questions, MOV video files, and MP3 audio files)

      1. We the People
      2. Taking Inventory
      3. The Credibility Factor
      4. Declaration of Independence
      5. The Spending Crisis
      6. Entitled