Right In The Eye DVD

"...and Everyone Did What Was Right In His Own Eyes..."

by Andy Stanley

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  • Product Description

      "It's my life, I can do what I want, when I want, with whom I want . . . as long as nobody gets hurt."

      In this provocative 6-part series, Andy Stanley plunges viewers into the moral mayhem depicted in the Old Testament book of Judges.

      Employing his remarkable gift for storytelling, Andy presents disturbing biblical narratives as a filter through which to view and evaluate our own twenty-first century culture.

      - 6 Full-Length Messages (Disc 1)
      - 6 Sets of Discussion Questions in PDF Format (Disc 2)
      - 6 Audio Files of Each Message in MP3 Format (Disc 2)
      - 6 Video Files of Each Message in MOV Format (Disc 2)

      Disc 1 > Viewable in a DVD Player
      Disc 2 > For Use in a Computer as a Data Disc (PDFs of study questions, MOV video files, and MP3 audio files)

      1. Stranger Than Fiction
      2. One King Leads to Another
      3. Good At Looking
      4. Nobody's That Stupid
      5. Extraordinary
      6. Ruthie and Bo Save Christmas