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What Makes North Point Community Church Simply Irresistible?

by Andy Stanley & Reggie Joiner

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      What do North Point Community Church and a coffee shop have in common? The answer is found in this seven-part series featuring sermons by Andy Stanley and Reggie Joiner. Each message focuses on one of the seven core values that guide the church in pursuing its mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. You will also meet the owner of the Simply Irresistible cafe, her staff, and patrons as they demonstrate the core values in a series of sketches that accompany each sermon. Join Susan, Carl, Stephanie, and others as they illustrate why North Point Community Church is simply irresistible. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - Strategic Service (Andy Stanley)

      Strategic service is applying our hearts and our hands to a place of greatest demand. In order to continue to create excellent environments at North Point Community Church where we see people’s lives changed, everyone needs to volunteer. It doesn’t matter what our skill sets are. When we see a need, we should go into action.
      Acts 6:1-7

      Part 2 - Intentional Apprenticing (Andy Stanley)

      Success is succession. For us to be the kind of church God has called us to be, we must be apprenticing the next generation of leaders. In order to replicate ourselves, we need to pass on the knowledge we have so they will be successful.

      Part 3 - Authentic Community (Andy Stanley)

      Small groups are where people come together on a regular basis and “do life” together. This allows us to genuinely connect with others while being encouraged and challenged in our relationship with God. Being involved in a small group is the simplest way to impact and influence people directly for Christ.

      Part 4 - Relevant Environments (Reggie Joiner)

      Our desire at North Point is to create environments where children and adults want to go to church. To do this we must discover how to use culture to communicate what we need to say. Reggie explains how Jesus modeled for us how to build a bridge relationally to turn on a light spiritually.

      Part 5 - Biblical Authority (Andy Stanley)

      We believe that the Bible is our instruction book from God. Even though no one likes having someone else tell them what to do, maximum freedom is found under the authority of the principles found in the Bible. Anytime we try to operate parts of our lives outside of the authority of Scripture, we lose freedom. As others watch us live under this authority, we can demonstrate the source of hope to those outside the church.
      Matthew 5:17

      Part 6 - Intimacy with God (Andy Stanley)

      When we try to be religious, we tend to be polite and distant. If this is our routine with God, it will not encourage intimacy with Him. Intimacy in any relationship requires three things. 1) unrushed and unstructured time; 2) transparency with our feelings; and 3) the most powerful dynamic in any relationship is mutual submission. As Jesus modeled for us, “Not my will, but Your will be done”. Revelation 3:20

      Part 7 - Relational Evangelism (Andy Stanley)

      Relational evangelism is investing in a trusted friendship for the sake of eternity. As long as we are investing in others, our hearts will stay in the right place.