Simply Irresistible CD Series

What Makes North Point Community Church Simply Irresistible?

by Andy Stanley & Reggie Joiner



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      NOTE: This CD Series is being sold without a case or artwork. CDs will come in paper sleeves.

      What do North Point Community Church and a coffee shop have in common? The answer is found in this seven-part series featuring sermons by Andy Stanley and Reggie Joiner. Each message focuses on one of the seven core values that guide the church in pursuing its mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. You will also meet the owner of the Simply Irresistible cafe, her staff, and patrons as they demonstrate the core values in a series of sketches that accompany each sermon. Join Susan, Carl, Stephanie, and others as they illustrate why North Point Community Church is simply irresistible.

      Part One: "Strategic Service" - Acts 6:1-7- (Andy Stanley)

      Part Two: "Intentional Apprenticing" - (Andy Stanley)

      Part Three: "Authentic community" - (Andy Stanley)

      Part Four: "Relevant Environments" - (Reggie Joiner)

      Part Five: "Biblical Authority" -Matthew 5:17 - (Andy Stanley)

      Part Six: " Intimacy with God" - Revelation 3:20 - (Andy Stanley)

      Part Seven: "Relational Evangelism" - (Andy Stanley)