Surviving The Bear Market CD Series

A Candid Look at Our Life-Investment Strategy

by Andy Stanley

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      NOTE: This CD Series is being sold without a case or artwork. CDs will come in paper sleeves.

      We have all made life investment decisions based upon some flawed assumptions. Relationally, we may have assumed that if we found the right person we would be happy. Morally, we may have assumed that sex is just a natural part of a loving relationship. Financially, we may have assumed that money equaled peace and contentment.

      We invest in these attitudes with the assumption that in time they will provide us with the security we seek. But we've been investing poorly.

      In this 7-part series, we take a candid look at our life-investment strategy.

      7 Audio CDs > Playable in a CD Player or Computer

      1. Examining Your Portfolio
      2. Re-Allocating Your Investments
      3. Improving Your Credit Rating
      4. Recouping Your Losses
      5. The World's Greatest Investment Guide
      6. Avoiding Another Downturn
      7. Retirement Planning

      All of us have made investments based on false assumptions about the future. When we think about “life” investments like time, money and relationships, the Bible tells us that Jesus desires to partner with us as we face the challenges of this world. Are you willing to ask Jesus to guide you in every area of your life?
      Matthew 11:28-30

      Many of us are suffering from a ‘Bear Market’ in our personal lives as a result of decisions we made that we knew were not right. When we violate God’s principles there will not be a happy ending because our return always reflects the nature of our investment. Learning to say ‘yes’ to the principles of God’s word will reap God’s blessing on our lives. Galatians 6:7

      When we realize that we need to make some changes in our relationships many times we need to revisit some things in our past. When we agree to try to right the wrongs of our past God blesses our humility and willingness to obey. Luke 19:1-10, Matthew 5:23-24

      Everyone has some painful failures in their past. How can we leverage this loss for the future? If we allow God to comfort us in our failures, He will equip us to comfort others as we invest in the lives of those going through similar circumstances. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

      There are some key life areas where most of our mistakes are made. We have very little formal training in areas like marriage, parenting, money and friendship. The Bible is filled with practical information about these life issues and God’s principles always yield desirable results. 2 Timothy 3:15-17

      If we want to see a permanent change in an area of our life, we must connect with people that are moving in the direction we wish to go. It requires more than commitment, reading our Bible or going to church. We must change who we’re spending time with. Is there someone in your life who will confront you if you stray? Proverbs 13:20

      We spend time planning for our financial future, but many people do not put much thought into what happens after death. There are no experienced advisers here on Earth to ask. The only person who has come back to life after death is Jesus Christ. He tells us in John Chapter 3 that we must believe in order to have eternal life. Have you put your trust in Him for your salvation? John 3:1-18