Take It To The Limit DVD

How to Get the Most Out of LIfe


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      Our culture encourages us to live as if we have no limits. So we fill up our schedules and empty our bank accounts. We do as much as we can, spend as much as we can, and acquire as much as we can. When you reach the limit of your resources, strength, capacity or self-control, you have no margin. And without margin, you have no room for error. Love, intimacy, and friendship happen in the unstructured, unhurried world of margin. So together we will explore God's answer to our self-destructive propensity to live as if we have no limits.

      - 6 Trimmed Messages for Small Groups; 15–20 minutes in length
      - 6 Full-length Messages; 35 minutes in length

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      1. Less Is More
      2. Down Time
      3. Quality vs. Quantity
      4. Reordering Your Finances
      5. A Time to Run
      6. Finding Professional Margin