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What If God Sent You a Text Message?

by Andy Stanley

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      In a meeting. At dinner. On the golf course. No matter when or where you hear the familiar "ding" of your cell phone, a text message gets your immediate attention. You're compelled to pull the phone out of your pocket and read it. But what if God sent you a text message?

      In this 3-part series, Andy Stanley says that God has, in fact, sent you a message--it's called the Bible. In this amazing collection of writings, you'll find poetry, prophecy, biography, war, sex, and betrayal. And most importantly, you'll find the story of a loving Father who goes to incredible lengths to redeem his children.

      - 3 Trimmed Messages for Small Groups; 15–20 minutes in length
      - 3 Full-length Messages; 35 minutes in length

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      1. Ding
      2. 2GTBT (Too Good to Be True)
      3. RYB! (Read Your Bible)


      Download the Cards and Bookmarks given out during this series