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Joseph's Life Never Lacked Turmoil

by Andy Stanley

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      Joseph's life never lacked turmoil. At different times, he was an abandoned brother, a slave, an accused rapist, a prisoner, and Pharaohs right-hand man. Yet he handled all of these situations confident in the knowledge that God was with him. At every turn, Joseph had opportunities to blame or ignore God, but his faith never wavered.

      In this 3-part series, Andy Stanley examines how Joseph responded to being abandoned and imprisoned and how he reacted at the height of his success when an opportunity for revenge arrived on his doorstep. By studying Joseph's turbulent life, we learn the power of unwavering faith in the midst of the most trying circumstances. Featuring a hilarious take on the major events of Joseph's life, this series will entertain and inspire you. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - I Don't Deserve This (Andy Stanley)

      The story of Joseph opens like no other story, abandoned by his brothers, thrown in a well, sold into slavery, falsely accused of rape, and sent to prison. Yet, through all of his incredible struggles and conflicts, Joseph trusted God to provide. In part one, Andy Stanley examines Joseph's amazing reaction to his unbelievable circumstances. And he asks the question, What would you do if you were absolutely confident God was with you? Genesis 37, 39, 40

      Part 2 - Return of the Dreamer (Andy Stanley)

      It's easy to turn to God when our circumstances are grim. In fact, wealth and prosperity erode faith far more than poverty and need. Andy Stanley reveals Joseph as a perfect example of a man who lived every day believing God was with him. Genesis 41

      Part 3 - Right Where You Want 'Em (Andy Stanley)

      How do you respond when those who have hurt you are now at your mercy? As Joseph's story concludes, we find him in a position to take revenge against his brothers. Yet his example teaches that forgiveness isn't a sign of weakness; it's a sign of strength. Instead of looking back, Joseph chose to look up. Genesis 42-45, 50