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Common Misconceptions About the Ten Commandments

by Andy Stanley

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      Thirty-five hundred years ago Moses came down from Mt. Sinai with a short list of rules that has shaped the values of men and nations for centuries. We know them as the Ten Commandments, but do we really know them? Some would argue that it is the Ten Commandments that set the stage for mankind to feel as if we must perform our way into God's good graces, but was that the reason they were given?

      In this 5-part series, Andy Stanley dispels the common misconceptions about the Ten Commandments and reveals the role that they should play in our lives today. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - Rules of Engagement (Andy Stanley)

      For centuries, the Christian church has viewed the Ten Commandments as God's conditions for acceptance. But God knew that rules without relationship result in rebellion. So, in the Old Testament, He chose to have a relationship with a group of people long before they knew the rules. In Part 1, Andy Stanley explains that the Commandments aren't conditions for a relationship with God; they are confirmation of one. Matthew 26:17-30, Exodus 20:3

      Part 2 - The One and Only (Andy Stanley)

      The first commandment, You shall have no other gods before me, is one of the most often forgotten. Yet it's very important. If our lives revolved around God, then all of the other commandments, such as stealing, lying, adultery, etc. wouldn't be an issue. What would your life look like today if you had no other god but God? Exodus 20:3-6

      Part 3 - What's in a Name? (Andy Stanley)

      Growing up, some of us were taught that the third commandment referred to using God's name when we're angry. Andy Stanley teaches in Part 3 that there's much more to this command. We abuse God's name when we choose to use it for our own selfish purposes. And that's a dangerous game. If we dodge the will of God in the name of God, then we run the risk of missing God entirely. Mark 7:5-13, Luke 19:45-46, Exodus 20:7

      Part 4 - Thou Shalt Do Nothing (Andy Stanley)

      What if you had a 24-hour period every week when you did absolutely no work? In our success-driven culture, such an idea seems unrealistic. But it's actually a commandment from God. By taking a day off each week, we demonstrate how to trust God for seven days of provision based on six days of labor. And as we learn in this message, resting on the Sabbath simply reminds us Who is truly in control. Exodus 20:8-11, Genesis 2:1-3

      Part 5 - Thou Shalt Be Free (Andy Stanley)

      You learn a lot about people from the rules they give. The final six commandments illustrate a key truth about God. He cares a great deal about how we treat each other. He gave us these laws, not as some type of admissions test into heaven, but as instructions on how to live and be free in Him. Exodus 20:12-17