The Star, the Cross, and the Crescent Audio Download

Three Icons. Three Ideologies. One Enduring Conflict

by Andy Stanley, Judy Reamer & Afshin Ziafat



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      Over the last 4,000 years three major religions have been born. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all acknowledge a common ancestry, tracing their origins to the same man. But are they the same? How are they different?

      In this 4-part message series, Andy Stanley explains the history of these three religions, and two guest speakers tell how they came to faith in Christ. Judy Reamer is a Jewish believer and Afshin Ziafat is a former Muslim who is now a follower of Christ. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - Judaism: The Journey Begins (Andy Stanley)

      Three of the most influential world religions trace their lineage through one man. And yet throughout the centuries these three ideologies have been in conflict with one another. Examine what the Bible records about this key religious figure and discover how he has impacted Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Isaiah 42:6-8, Genesis 15:6

      Part 2 - The Roots of Islam (Andy Stanley)

      In the year AD 610, an Arab merchant claimed to receive a revelation from the angel Gabriel inside a cave, near the city of Mecca. And in just 22 short years, Muhammad, regarded by Muslims as God's last and final prophet, was able to unite the Arab world through military conquest, launching a distinct religious movement. This message compares and contrasts this pivotal religious figure with another one, Jesus Christ, along with the movements they each started. Mark 10:45

      Part 3 - Judy Reamer: A Life Story (Judy Reamer)

      It can be overwhelming to think about all that's involved in someone from a different faith background embracing Christianity. Going against their friends, family, and upbringing is no small hurdle for many to overcome. Throughout the centuries and even to this day, God orchestrates situations and circumstances to draw people to himself. Judy Reamer is a Jewish believer who shares her story about coming to faith in Christ. Daniel 4:35

      Part 4 - The Cost to Follow Christ (Afshin Ziafat)

      While the three faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all converge around the person of Abraham, these three faiths diverge at the person of Jesus Christ. All three agree that Jesus was a man, and some even concede that he was a prophet. The belief of Jesus as Savior becomes the dividing point that separates faiths and families from one another. Listen to the story of Afshin as he describes his journey from Islam to Christianity and the cost he has paid to follow Christ. Matthew 16:24