The Star, the Cross, and the Crescent CD Series

Three Icons. Three Ideologies. One Enduring Conflict

by Andy Stanley, Judy Reamer & Afshin Ziafat

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      Over the last 4,000 years three major religions have been born. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all acknowledge a common ancestry, tracing their origins to the same man. But are they the same? How are they different?

      In this 4-part message series, Andy Stanley explains the history of these three religions, and two guest speakers tell how they came to faith in Christ. Judy Reamer is a Jewish believer and Afshin Ziafat is a former Muslim who is now a follower of Christ.

      4 Audio CDs > Playable in a CD Player or Computer

      1. Judaism: The Journey Begins
      2. The Roots of Islam
      3. Judy Reamer: A Life Story
      4. The Cost to Follow Christ (Afshin Zigfat)