Three Shadows of the Passion Audio Download

The Brightest Light Casts the Starkest Shadows

by Andy Stanley

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      And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it. - John 1:5

      The brightest light casts the starkest shadows. The purity of Jesus' sacrifice stands in startling contrast to the self-centered and self-serving motives of some of those around Him.

      In this 3-part series, Andy Stanley explores three characters who cast their shadows on the greatest story the world has ever known. DOWNLOAD ONLY

      Part 1 - My Private Nation (Andy Stanley)

      Whenever we begin to believe that what weve accomplished is due to the work of our hands, then we have the responsibility and pressure to maintain it at all costs. That pressure will drive us to make unhealthy, self-destructive, immoral decisions. Andy Stanley explains that it is foolish to violate the principles of God in order to maintain the blessings of God. John 11:45-53

      Part 2 - The Pretender (Andy Stanley)

      We all try to bribe God, and sometimes we act as if He needs us. God does not bargain. He's only interested in us surrendering. His hand cannot be forced, and His will cannot be thwarted. Matthew 19:27, 26:6-16, 27:35, John 12:4

      Part 3 - Twelve Feet of Separation (Andy Stanley)

      Sometimes we resist God because we're angry at Him. We're angry because He didn't come through for us in life circumstances like we thought He should. We can't handle our anger, but God can, and He wants to heal our hearts. Luke 23:32-43